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2007 Acura MDX

The Acura MDX is a small SUV, which has a rather large following. This SUV is sometimes used in off road events. The combination of power, balance and traction make the MDX an ideal hobby based racer.

The bread and butter of the MDX have been reliability and available options. The engine is a Honda engine which produces over two hundred and sixty horsepower. The torque come in just over two hundred and fifty and this makes for a good balance between low end and high-end power.

This is very important in the field off road racing because you must always keep your forward momentum so you do not get stuck.

Acura is keeping a lid on the 2007 MDX price; this is probably to build a buzz and momentum for product launch.

One of the very helpful features on the MDX is the four-wheel drive setup. Basically the system runs in two-wheel drive until a wheel starts to spin. There is a computer that senses the wheel spin and automatically kicks in the four-wheel drive. When it is not needed it goes off and improves your gas mileage. This technology has been around for a while and it appears Acura has perfected it.

The options available are just as interesting and cool. You can order everything from a DVD player for the back seats to a camera fro backing up.

Acura has made a reputation on building classy quality vehicles the 2007 MDX follows that tradition perfectly.

The MDX is unique in that it can go fast on or off road. The suspension was tested off road as well as at a number of racetracks in Europe. If you are looking for a fast, good looking and reliable SUV then the 2007 MDX is an excellent option.

It is going on my top five to buy list.



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