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2007 Audi TT

When you talk about a sexy car one of the first that comes to mind for many people is the 2007 Audi TT. In one of the twists of the automobile industry certain cars get an almost cult like following. The Audi TT is exactly one of those cars.

Used by club racers and street races alike the TT is know for an excellent power to weight ration and also outstanding handling. Combine this with a reasonable price tag and you have a real winner of a car. So much so that Audi dealers started getting inquires about the 2007 model in early 2006. Scheduled for a late 2006 release the 2007 Audi TT is sure to be in high demand so get your name on the dealers purchase list early. Do not be shocked to see a few thousand dollars tacked on to the price as a dealer’s markup.

Just like with anything else the higher the demand and the lower the supply will cause prices to go up rapidly.

So what type of power can we expect from the TT? How does a two hundred horse four cylinder or an optional two hundred and fifty-horse power V-6 sound? At first you might think wow that’s not much horsepower. Well you would be sadly mistaken. You have to remember this car is based on the Volkswagen bug chassis, which means the car is very light. The weight or rather lack of weight makes the horsepower go far. In the end as a racer or street driver what you want to look at is your power to weight ratio and handling capabilities. In both these categories the TT stands out from the competition.

There is even rumor of a convertible model with a fuel injected turbo charged V-6 being made available. This surely would make street and club racers happy as well as many people looking for an all around sporty drop top.

The TT goes to the top of this writer’s wish list.



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