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2007 BMW X5

How many of you were shocked to see BMW come out with an SUV? I know I was blow away, especially when I saw just how easy it was on the eyes.

BMW has long been the property of Lawyers, doctors and basically the rich in general. What happened to make them decide to build an SUV?

Have you ever heard the term “soccer mom”? As the ninety turned into a new millennium the buying power of mothers around the world was finally recognized. Any married Man can tell you that in most cases the wife controls the checkbook.

BMW wisely decided to attack this market with the X5.

Given a choice most mothers would like to drive in style and safety while still being able to have just a touch of snob appeal.

Although the 2007 X5 is similar to the 2006 there have been some major improvements. BMW will offer a choice of two engine configurations The first is a three liter six cylinder and the second is a four point eight liter eight cylinder. With the six you can get manual or standard transmission but with the eight only automatic is available.

So how much horsepower does Mom get with the eight cylinders? How does three hundred horse sound to you? It certainly will get out of the way of the school bus as well as climb and mountain back road you need it to.

With the addition of traction control this pushes the X5 to a for real four-wheel drive vehicle. Imagine picking the kids up and going camping up in the snowy mountains. With the BMW X5 you can do exactly that.

Whatever the combination of options you choose it can be guaranteed you will have fun, safety, comfort and prestige all built into your new 2007 X5 BMW.



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