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2007 Camaro

To truly understand, and appreciate the 2007 Camaro we have to first look at the history of the Camaro.

Way back in 1967 Chevrolet was looking for a way to battle Ford and their muscle car the Mustang. Chevrolet not wanting to reinvent the wheel set about designing the Camaro based on a design of a concept car.

To say the performance was lacking in the base model would be an understatement. The base model consisted of a straight six engine and produced a lack luster one hundred and fifty five horsepower.

Needless to say the public wanted more horsepower and lots of it. Hearing the publics desires Chevrolet, preceded to offer two upper end options.

The big daddy of the options was a three hundred and ninety six cubic inch big block eight cylinder. This engine package could produce up to three hundred and seventy five horsepower and could be connected to a variety of transmission options.

The most sought after Camaro from the early years is the RS/SS package, this package could be in regular or convertible body styles. This was such a sought after option that a RS/SS convertible model was chosen as the 1967 pace car for the Indy 500.

Over the next forty years various Camaro and Trans Am models were produced. By offering a variety of trim and horsepower options Chevrolet started to build a loyal base of Camaro customers. Even today many car enthusiasts have a favorite brand and model.

Fast-forward forty years. We see the same thing happening again Chevrolet is again trying to compete with the Mustang.

This time Chevrolet put the pedal to the metal and kept it there.

The 2007 Camaro will have a number of engine options. The first option will be a V-6 (no horsepower figures yet) and the second option will be a V-8 engine and be offered under the label of the famous SS name.

Whatever your choice you can be guaranteed that a new 2007 Camaro will put you back into your seat and give you the ride and thrill of a lifetime.



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