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2007 Cars

Each year the major manufacturers produce a wide variety of production and concept cars. What if you had to pick three of the best cars produced in 2007, what models would you choose? If I won a very major lottery tomorrow I would pick one of the following 2007 new models.

2007 Ford Mustang GT500

Perhaps the boys at Ford have lost a few screws. Perhaps they have smartened up? The GT 500 is a production model that Carol Shelby himself has blessed. How does a four hundred and fifty horsepower engine in a sweet body for less than forty thousand dollars sound? As usual if the name Mustang is attached you can be sure you will have some fun.

2007 Ferrari 599 GTB

Dream big or go home. Now what one of us would not like to drive this baby? Classic lines and available in Ferrari red naturally. With Ferrari stating publicly that the car will have over six hundred horsepower you know this is a winner. Ferrari is the best of the best. When you strap into a Ferrari you can expect the most powerful and best handling car you have ever driven. There is no set price but there are rumors it will be in the high two hundred thousand range.

2007 Bentley Continental Convertible

Everyone needs a drop top. If you have a choice may we suggest the Bentley Continental for you riding pleasure?

This is another car with a price to be determined but with over five hundred and fifty horse and two turbo who cares.

The Bentley has classic style and beauty with the horsepower, suspension, and braking ability to run with the best.

You cannot go wrong with any of the three choices. In reality most of us will go for the Mustang but it sure is fun to dream.



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