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2007 Chevy Silverado

G.M. has been building trucks for over seventy years. But where did the Silverado come from and why haven’t we heard a lot about it? Well to put it bluntly the Silverado was always a kind of boring truck.

The Silverado was made to be a workhorse without much fanfare or nifty high tech features. This all changed in 2003 with the introduction of the Silverado SS. The SS produces over three hundred and forty horsepower and over three hundred and eighty foot-pounds of torque.

All this horsepower and torque are ideal for towing and hauling large loads. Chevy, being the number two truck company (Ford F150 is number one), wanted to do something to improve its image with the working truck buyer.

By creating the SS Chevy now had a promotional vehicle to show to the general public.

Although Road and Track choose the Silverado as pickup of the year in early 2000 the sales still were not where Chevy wanted them to be.

In order to battle Ford, Chevy decided to jump on the Hybrid bandwagon and offer a hybrid version of the Silverado in 2005. This choose to be a rather bad decision and the supplies were very limited.

So how has Chevy bounced back for 2007?

Lets take a peek under the hood.

I see we have two choices for 07, a three hundred twenty horsepower and a three hundred and fifty horsepower version. Now that should give the F150 a run for its money.

Either Silverado can be used for towing large loads but Chevy, of course, recommends the higher horsepower, more expensive version for heavy duty work.

Has Chevy finally found the right combination with the 2007 Silverado to bury Ford once and for all? This writer doubts it but they sure have gotten a few steps closer.

Look for increased safety and comfort options as well with a new 2007 Silverado.



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