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2007 Chevy Tahoe

The Chevy Tahoe is another one of Chevy’s sleeper vehicles. It was designed to battle against Ford and their market dominating F-150.

I have to admit when I took a look at the design of the new Tahoe I was impressed. There is a subtle air of refinement about it. It is not a plain SUV or a truck but rather a classy looking fortress on wheels.

Rather than go after a specific market Chevy decided to produce and all around great SUV. With gas mileage in the low twenties for highway and high teens for city it is also pretty darn fuel efficient for its size.

The basic two-wheel drive model starts at around thirty four thousand and the big brother with four-wheel drive capabilities comes in around forty thousand. This appears to be a good value for the money.

It seems Chevy is taking the advise of other auto makers and improving on what it has slowly but surely.

The fun part let see what makes this baby go. We have two options available a four point eight liter and a five point two. Respectively the engines have two hundred and ninety and three hundred and twenty horsepower.

One of the really cool features about the Tahoe engine is called “cylinder deactivation”. This allows the engine to use only four or six cylinders based on the demand for horsepower. This technology is a primary reason for the good gas mileage.

Overall the basic appearance has not changed a whole lot. Chevy made it a few inches wider and also redid the dashboard. Basically Chevy is trying to increase the creature comforts and usability of the Tahoe.

As a whole the Chevy Tahoe is a viable option for a Mom or a Construction team. It has refinement and versatility and a reasonable price and decent gas mileage.

Well-done Chevy.



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