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2007 Corvette

Who is the Grand daddy of muscle cars? Well there is a lifetime debate about this. Is it the Mustang or the Corvette?

To many die-hard enthusiasts it is one or the other but never both. This writer likes both models. Perhaps there is a Mustang and Corvette museum in my future. Which one is your favorite? Come on, we know you have one.

So what does the fire breathing muscle car called the Corvette have in store for 2007?

I can guarantee this; the Corvette will look good, handle well and be flat out fast.

Lets go take a peek under the hood of the 2007 Corvette and see what makes it tick shall we?

Lets take a closer look at the ZR9 Corvette.

To begin with we have to discuss cost. As of this writing the base price of the 2007 Corvette will be in excess of fifty thousand dollars. People at first might baulk at the price tag but if you compare it to a European sports car it is a bargain.

So how many horses do we get under the hood for that type of money? How does four hundred and eighty horse power sound? Throw in over five hundred-foot pounds of torque and you have a car ready for the track or quarter mile.

For you other speed freaks like me that translates into a ten second-quarter mile car with a top speed reaching two hundred miles per hour.

The amazing thing about Corvettes is that you can drive them fast and still have a very comfortable ride. This has been a selling point for decades, great handling, smooth ride and efficient application of the horsepower to the ground.

What does that all add up to? A world-class sports car that can compete with the best Europe, Asia and the United States has to offer.

If you want a 2007 Corvette I would visit your local dealer and get put on the list to buy a ZR9. With a car this fast and cost effective, the supply of 2007 Corvettes will sell out fast.



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