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2007 Dodge Challenger

You want to talk about muscle cars? Well the 2007 Dodge Challenger is exactly that a boni fide tire shredding monster. As is the case often Dodge had to build a car to compete against their evil arch rival the Mustang.

So what does a group of Dodge engineers do? They take a clean sheet of paper and design a whole new car, that’s what.

To say I am impressed with the Challenger would be an understatement. Let take a peek under the hood and see what could make this die-hard Ford fan convert.

Humm what do we have here? A hemi engine, heaven under a hood. With advanced body styling close to that of the original Challenger and a massive engine. The competition better watch out.

So what can we expect from this beautiful monster? How about a quarter mile in just over thirteen seconds and a zero to sixty time in just over four and one half seconds. Pretty impressive if I must say so myself. Even more performance can be gotten out of the Challenger by upgrading to a free flow exhaust system. Just make sure you get your state inspection done prior. Removing the catalytic converter will cause you to fail the inspection.

The 2007 Challenger also has some cool body features based on the 1970 version of the car. Some of these features include a functional hood scoop to force more air into the engine, standard five spoke wheels to give you that custom look and they even increased the wheelbase to give the car a more aggressive and menacing look.

Without a doubt the 2007 Challenger is going to blow the doors off much of the completion and many old muscle cars also. It looks like this is a good time to be a car buyer if you like power and style.

The 2007 Challenger is going on this driver’s top five “want to buy list”

See you at the racetrack, and always buckle up for safety.



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