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2007 Escalade

When I hear the word Cadillac I think quality comfort and a smooth ride. What comes into your mind? Perhaps your father or grandfather owned a Cadillac? For decades “Caddis” were the luxury car in America. Even Elvis owned a few.

The 2007 Cadillac has all of those things and more. The Escalade has gained celebrity status in some areas. To own one is to have power and money. You have to wonder if this was part of the Cadillac marketing plan or just that the Escalade is that darn good.

For 2007 Cadillac pulled out all the stops. They already own a large share of the luxury SUV market and decided to increase the “bling” factor.

We know the Escalade is a beautiful vehicle but what is under the hood and home much is it going to cost us to buy one?

Ok things are looking up the Escalade has over four hundred horsepower. That will help you climb a mountain or get away from the bad guys. Lets see what are some of the options?

Gearing the vehicle to the younger market Cadillac is offering twenty-two inch wheels also know as “dubs”. This is a wise marketing move to give the client what they want.

The Escalade is as much of a status symbol as a rugged vehicle capable of going off road. Expect that mind set when you talk to the car salesmen, they are in high demand.

As you would expect the Escalade is packed full of the coolest and latest technology. You can expect a premium sound system by Bose, which of course is surround sound. In addition there are a variety of options from Global Positioning to DVD players and screens.

If you are looking for a SUV with style, attitude and some bling value then the 2007 Escalade is a good choice.



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