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2007 Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is one of the most popular SUV’s on the market. Perhaps it is the kind of cross over vehicle everyone is looking for. It has a subtle elegance and yet also gives you the comfort of a larger four-wheel drive. The Expedition is a favorite among Mom’s, Tradesmen and even a Rapper or two. The Expedition is one of those rare vehicles that appeal to the whole market.

One thing Ford has been known for is their selection of options. With the 2007 Ford Expedition you have twelve different designs or trim options. This is very useful if you have a specific purpose for the vehicle such as towing. An example would be the King Ranch version, designed for towing and carrying large loads.

The price on the Expedition is reasonable with the two-wheel drive version starting out at just under thirty three thousand dollars. If you have some four wheel adventures planned then you can go with the optional on demand four wheel drive version for just over forty five thousand. These prices do not include sales tax, license or registration fee.

As with all car manufacturers and dealers everything is negotiable. Make sure you get the price you want and above all do your research prior to going to the dealership.

So what makes this vehicle get up and go you ask? How about a fuel injected 5.4 four liter three hundred horsepower eight-cylinder engine. Although not the most powerful of all the SUV’s available the reliability and long life of the Ford engine is a major selling point.

With whatever options you decide to go with make sure you maximize your rebate dollars. All of the manufacturers are battling for your purchases make sure you take full advantage of that.



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