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2007 Ford Mustang

If there was one car that changed the history of automobiles it would Ford Mustang.

Having been an owner of two of them I can tell you they rock and are reliable as heck. You can drag race, street race and then run them to the track and race there also.

Mustangs like Camaro and Corvettes have a very large following of people. There is over five hundred Ford Mustang clubs setup around the world.

So what makes the Mustang such a great car? Decent handling, good price and above all Horsepower. It can be proven that the Mustang is an excellent platform to work from based on the fact Roush racing uses the mustang as their car of choice.

In addition to Roush another company formed by Steve Saleen uses the Mustang as a platform to build custom sports cars.

The 302 V-8 engine of the Mustang is perhaps the most famous, however over the years ford also experimented with putting fuel injected V-6 engines in Mustangs.

I am happy to report that Ford came to their senses and is offering a number of High horsepower V-8’s for 2007.

So what can you expect when you walk into your local Ford dealer to buy a 2007 Mustang?

How about to be blown away by the limited edition 2007 GT500 Mustang?

With an amazing five hundred horsepower and over four hundred foot pounds of torque, the 07 Mustang is sure to get you from point A to B fast.

Throw in ABS brakes, a supercharger, and super Brembo brakes and you have a sure winner.

Yes Ford will be offering a V-6 version of the 2007 Mustang but why go for that when you can get a GT500 instead.

Either way you go you will get a great car one sure to last you years. My number one pick for a new car is the 2007 Ford Mustang.



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