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2007 Ford Super Duty

When I think of trucks the first company that comes to mind is Ford. When I think of hardcore work trucks I think of the Ford Super Duty.

For 2007 Ford has produced the most versatile Super Duty to date.

The Super duty comes in three variations the F-250 that is the smallest the F350 SRW and the 350 DRW. There are three-engine options two gasoline and one diesel.

So how much horsepower can you get? Of the three options we will start out with the standard V-8 three hundred and thirty cubic inch gasoline engine, which produces three hundred horsepower and three hundred and sixty five foot pounds of torque.

Still want more horsepower? Lets take a look at the second available engine then. Option two is a four hundred and fifteen cubic inch V-10 monster which produces three hundred and sixty two horsepower and a mind blowing four hundred and fifty seven foot pounds of torque. Can you say towing capacity? For that matter hauling, towing, pulling trees down. With that much torque you can do a lot of things including smoking the tires off the truck.

But wait there is more. What is you would prefer a diesel engine. It does make sense a diesel engine if taken care of properly can last over three hundred thousand miles. So what is our diesel option? How about a thirty-two-valve three hundred and sixty three cubic inch turbo diesel engine? Ok I know what about the horsepower? Sitting down? Do three hundred and twenty five horsepower and a staggering five hundred and seventy foot pounds of tire shreading house towing torque sound good?

To say you could tow, haul, or win a tractor pull with a Super duty is an understatement. If you want one of the very best most reliable and powerful work trucks on the market one of the three variations of the Ford Super Duty is the only way to go.



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