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2007 Honda Accord

The 2007 Honda Accord is not slated for release until at least August of 2006 so information is scarce at this point but here is what we were able to uncover.

Expect there to be minor changes to the 2007 Accord because in 2008 the Accord is going to get a complete makeover.

You can expect to see at least three variations of the 2007 Accord in Honda showrooms. As usual the Accords will be reliable, cost effective and fuel-efficient.

The Accord was one of Hondas biggest sellers in the early years and continues to sell well. The morale of the story is if it is not broken do not fix it. This is a wise move on Hondas part as the Accord is know for reliability, comfort and low price.

You can expect to see the following versions of the Accord in 2007.

The Accord Coupe should range from twenty thousand for the base model LX to twenty seven thousand for the EX version. The engine choices will include either a four cylinder, which produces a respectable one hundred and sixty six horsepower and the V-6, which produces just over two hundred and forty horsepower.

The Accord Sedan should range from eighteen thousand for the value package to twenty seven thousand for the EX version. Horsepower and torque are the same as the Coupe because they use the same engine. This is a technique Honda uses to ensure easy repair and maximum availability of both OEM and aftermarket parts.

The final version of the 2007 Honda Accord will be the Coupe Hybrid.

Honda is helping to lead the way with Hybrid technology development. Although still a bit pricey starting at just under thirty one thousand the Hybrid will help make up for that with a thirty four miles per gallon highway rating. If you are green friendly then the extra cost is well worth the investment.

Whichever model you choose the 2007 Honda Accord is a good investment you will have for years to come.



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