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2007 Lincoln Navigator

If you want to earn some street credibility buy a Lincoln Navigator. Widely know as a vehicle Rap stars and Athletes alike enjoy, owning one will give you an immediate bump up among your peers. You will also look great driving down the road or off road for that matter. A versatile yet highly refined vehicle the Navigator has something for everyone. You can get leather seats for Mom, DVD and CD player for the kids and a fantastic hauling capability for Dad.

What make the Navigator so special? Lets start with the massive front chrome grill. Just looking at it makes you feel the truck has power. Which it does in large doses?

The Navigator comes with a unique three-valve five point four liter V-8 engine. This engine produces three hundred horsepower and over three hundred and sixty foot-pounds or torque. You will find this torque handy when hauling around ten of your friends or pulling a boat.

Another unique feature of the Navigator is the transmission. While most SUV’s come with four speed automatic transmissions the Navigator comes with a six speed. By having two extra gears the engineers were able to make the transition between gears smoother. What does this translate into? You guessed right, faster acceleration and better gas mileage. The gas mileage increase is based on the fifth and six gears being very high, this allows the engine to cruise along at sixty-five at a very low rpm.

The Navigator has some very cool safety features also. Driver, passenger and rear passenger side airbags are available for a start. Another very unique piece of safety equipment is the Roll Stability Control, which uses a gyroscope to help keep the Navigator from rolling over. This feature combine with the traction control system make the navigator a safe vehicle to drive.

My hat is off to Lincoln they did an outstanding job with the 2007 Navigator.



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