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2007 Toyota Camry

The Toyota Camry has long been considered a middle of the road luxury car. It has been designed for the middle class driver who wants performance and value.

Toyota has long been known for their reliable cars and penny-pinching gas mileage.

How did the Cary come into existence?

Back in 1983 Toyota was looking for a car to help conquer the American market and to battle against their archrival Honda.

Honda was clobbering Toyota with sales of the Accord. Toyota knew something must be done and fast. The Camry was a front wheel drive vehicle, which was slightly larger and had a few more horsepower then the Accord.

It would not be until 1986 that Toyota would offer a V-6 in the Cary, this turned out to be a very important offering. People loved the Camry but wanted more horsepower to compete with the competition.

Over the next ten years Toyota continued to refine the Camry adding options, increased comfort and of course more horsepower. The Camry would also be the platform Toyota would develop their upper end Lexus brand on.

Fast forward to the year 2000. The major automakers start up the horsepower wars again. Toyota wisely choose not to compete in this market with the Camry but rather focus on its niche of middle class drivers who wanted some power but still good gas mileage. As we all know this can be a difficult balance to achieve.

How did Toyota find this balance? Well to begin with for 2007 Toyota is offering three variations of the Camry. The first version will be the standard four cylinders, followed by a V-6 engine and the capper is the Hybrid vehicle.

By offering a hybrid version of the 2007 Camry Toyota has set it self apart from other manufactures. Imagine getting over thirty-five miles to the gallon in the city and over forty on the highway. That’s what you get with the new 2007 Toyota Camry, Horsepower, mileage and comfort all in one package.



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