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2007 Toyota Supra

Perhaps no other car symbolizes the Asian car manufactures better then the Supra. Weather you are a street racer or a club and track racer you have seen many a Supra fly past you.

Why did Toyota put such a fast car in the hands of Americans? Can you say the new driver market? Young men and women have been purchasing Supras as building them up for years. The availability of after market performance products in one main reason the Supra caught on so well.

Perhaps one of the best know Supra drivers is Terry (Hulk) Hogan’s son Nick. Each week the viewers of “Hogan knows best” get to see Nick tinkering on and illegally drive his Supra. This has proven to be very beneficial for both new and used Supra sales.

Ok, so what’s all the fuss about? What does the Supra have that makes it so good?

Let us start off with the handling. Toyota based on their experience with the Japanese new driver market discovered people like to go fast around the corners. They built in an upper level suspension and handling package and very good tires into the Supra from day one. Everything starts with handling; if you have the horsepower but cant get it to the road effectively you have already lost the race.

Along with excellent handling the Supra was very reliable and pretty easy to maintain, this made it ideal for club racing.

So what does Toyota have up their sleeve for 2007?

Lets go sneak into one of the Toyota plants and take a look.

For 2007 Toyota is rumored to be offering a hardtop and soft- top version of the Supra. This is great news but there have also been rumors of two engine versions available a V-6 producing about three hundred horse and a V-8 that is said to produce over five hundred horse.

Lets see five hundred horsepower in a car that handles well. The only question I have is where to I sign up to buy a new 2007 Toyota Supra?



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