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2007 Toyota Yaris

Have you ever wondered where the sub compact class of cars went? I know I sure do when gasoline is hovering around three dollars a gallon.

Well Toyota has a car for us. Formerly know as the ECHO, the 2007 Toyota Yaris is economical to buy, service and drive.

Having just a one point five liter engine the Yaris only produces just over one hundred horsepower and one hundred foot pounds of torque. Now this will not beat anyone in a quarter mile or top speed run but you will benefit from great gas mileage. The Yaris is available in a standard and automatic version and each get over thirty miles per gallon in the city.

Now as you can imagine Toyota is going for the economical and new car buyer market. With this in mind there have been rumors that the price will be under thirteen thousand dollars. Frankly it is hard to find a new car for that price so the Yaris should do very well with college students and new teenage drivers.

Parents will even be able to buy one for their son and daughter going to college without breaking the bank.

So what else do we get for our thirteen thousand dollars? Well you cannot expect much but surprisingly the initial reviews about the ride and feel have been positive. Toyota is known for making high quality cars that last the Yaris is no exception.

One of the smart features the engineers decided for reliability was to beef up the engine by using a timing chain versus a belt. This will take less maintenance and also keep repair costs down. On most cars you have to replace your timing belt at one hundred thousand miles where if you have a chain the estimate is closer to one hundred and fifty thousand miles.

Overall Toyota did an outstanding job with the 2007 Yaris. The Yaris is comfortable, reliable, and good on gas and has an affordable price tag. Sounds like an excellent deal for anyone looking for a first or additional car.



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