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While definitions can vary somewhat between individuals and organizations, the most generally accepted definition of an antique car is one that is 25 years or more years of age. For many antique cars, however, that 25 year defining point means little, as there are numerous fine specimens, lovingly restored, that date back to the early days of the automotive industry.

Many of these fine specimens are housed in museums throughout the nation and the world. Among these museums is the Charlie Sens Antique Auto Museum, located in Marion, Ohio. Here, visitors can view a variety of cars, ranging from a 1903 Ford to a 1969 Corvair. In Arese, Italy, car antique enthusiasts can view the collection on display at the Alfa Romeo Museum. Also in Italy is the Ferrari Museum Maranello Rosso, though this one suggests that would be visitors make reservations well in advance. There are many virtual museums online, as well as several brick and mortar museums that make some of their exhibits available for online viewing.

The numerous and very popular car shows devoted to antique cars that take place in almost every part of the nation are a far more accessible and personal means of enjoying antique cars. Here, visitors can hear the engines run and closely inspect these beautiful vehicles. For those in the process of restoring an old car, car shows can provide a wealth of information on where to get difficult to obtain parts. The owners who’ve invested their time and money in restoring these beautiful cars are rightfully proud of their handiwork, and are often happy to share the tips they’ve learned along the way.

Antique car collectors and restorers do far more than preserve select autos for their own pleasurable driving experiences. Antique cars are an important part of automotive history, and those who restore them make a valuable contribution to keeping that history alive and running for the rest of us to enjoy.



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