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Car amps are an essential part of a superior car audio system. Choosing the right car amp for your stereo system will help to ensure that you are able to achieve the quality of sound you desire. Knowing what you really need to create high quality sound can help you to avoid spending more money than you have to, or from getting a car amp that is not the best complement to your system.

If your musical preferences include bass heavy sounds, you’ll need a powerful amp. That’s because it takes more power to produce strong, full bass than it does any other sound in the musical range. Most car audio system experts say that it is better to have too much power available for the speakers than too little, though there are power guidelines that need to be followed for the components to work well together in producing the best sound possible.

Car amps are usually installed either in the trunk or under one of the seats. There are advantages to both positions. Under the seat is often wasted space, which makes it an idea place for the amp. There’s a shorter wiring distance to the stereo receiver, which makes it easier to secure and less likely to come loose. Installing the car amp in the trunk has the advantage of security. It’s less likely to be stolen from the trunk. Also, the wiring distance to the rear speakers is shorter.

Unless you have a very good understanding of the installation and wiring processes, you should have your car amp professionally installed. Mistakes in wiring can result in less than desirable sound quality and can even damage your audio system. Consulting a car audio professional before making your final purchasing decision can help you to make the best selection for your system. However, you’ll want to get more than one opinion, to make sure the advice is real and not a sales pitch.

Car amps can improve the sound quality of most types of music. They’re a worthwhile addition to any good quality audio system. However, you’ll need to shop carefully and not neglect your research.



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