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Car audio systems have been evolving since the invention of the first car radio in 1929, by Paul Galvin, who also came up with the Motorola brand name. As systems became more powerful, they also became bulkier. However, technological advancements now make superior sound possible without the same degree of sacrifice of valuable car space.

Until fairly recently, anyone hoping to create a car audio system capable of providing a full range of sound, especially bass sounds, could expect to sacrifice a good deal of space, usually either from the trunk or car floor. The equipment – amplifiers, subwoofers, and speakers, especially – was big and bulky.

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As the audio systems that most cars come with from the factory lack the ability to reproduce quality bass sounds, one of the more popular upgrades is the addition of subwoofers. Today, subwoofers are smaller, as are their encasements. Furthermore, in the past, the addition of subwoofers required the addition of an amplifier. Now, subwoofers can be bought with their own amplifiers built right into their cases, making installation a much easier process.

Many say that the speakers are the most important part of a car audio system. The different options for listening to music, such as from compact discs, offer a much cleaner and fuller sound than was available in the past. But, only a better quality of speaker can make that sound available to the driver. In addition to moving towards handling a broader musical sound range, speakers have also gotten smaller. The smaller speakers have made it much easier to use speaker placement to improve the sound of a car audio system, without losing trunk or passenger space.

The new technologies in car audio systems make a wide variety of choices available. To create the system best suited to your audio goals and budget, you may want to consider seeking the advice of a car audio professional.



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