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Car Battery

The car battery is what starts the car. Therefore, to ensure dependable starting, you should use a good quality battery and be sure to perform basic maintenance tasks regularly. By paying attention to your car battery, you can prevent possible damage to other car parts, such as the starter.

Basic maintenance tasks for your car battery include seeing to it that the top of it is kept clean, making sure that the posts and terminals do not get corroded – use a wire brush or fine grained sand paper to clean them every now and then — and periodically tightening the cables. It is also a good idea to check the belts that hold it in place, making sure that the battery isn’t sliding around or vibrating too much, as this can loosen or damage the battery cables.

If you notice dimming in your headlights or internal lights, you should get the battery tested. You may need to have it charged. A weak battery can stress the alternator, making it work harder than it should, and can damage it. It’s easier to charge the battery and less expensive to replace it than it is to rebuild or replace the alternator.

In the event that you do have to buy a new battery, you’ll need to buy one suitable for the weather in your area. If you live somewhere with cold winter weather, high cold cranking amps, CCA, are essential to being able to depend on your car as the temperature drops. In hot climates, a higher reserve capacity, or RC, is more important to reliable battery performance.

Buying a car battery that matches the needs of your car and climate will increase the starting reliability of your car. Taking the time to do simple battery maintenance will help your battery to last longer and protect the other starting mechanisms in your car. A few minutes per week can help to prevent you from being stranded some cold, dark night – a worthy investment of your time.



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