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Car covers are an important part of protecting your car. After investing so much money in a new car, or spending time, effort and cash on restoring a vintage vehicle or creating a customized car, the comparatively small amount spent on a quality car cover is well worth the degree of protection it will provide.

Before buying your car cover, you’ll want to consider exactly what you want to protect your car from. Different regions have different weather conditions, and this can affect the type of cover that you will need. If your car is kept inside of a garage, using a car cover is still a good idea, as it will protect your car from dust and possibly prevent damage from the typical garage accidents – things falling on the car and people or their boxes, bags, etc. scraping up against it as they walk by the car.

For a car kept outside, the car cover should fit snugly, so that the wind cannot blow it off and so that the rain and snow cannot get up under it. The fabric should be both water resistant and breathable. If water should get under the car cover, it needs to be breathable to prevent the condensation that can destroy the car cover and damage the paint of the car. In places where the sun shines all the year through, you’ll want a car cover that can protect from the sun’s damaging rays and prevent fading and cracking of both the exterior paint and the interior surfaces and upholstery.

For many car models, you can find quality, snug fitting car covers to purchase through a retail outlet. However, if you have a vintage model or a customized vehicle you may want consider having a car cover custom made. That way you can be sure that your car is getting the best protection possible.

Using a car cover is a simple and relatively inexpensive means of protecting something you’ve invested a lot of money and effort into obtaining. Preventing damage is always less expensive than repairing it.



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