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Car decals can add the perfect finishing touch to a customized or restored automobile. They can add that splash of individuality or style to an otherwise ordinary factory model. Usually inexpensive, with the exception of the remarkable originals or reproductions available for restored vintage cars, which can be a little pricey, car decals are easy to apply and can really make a difference in the appearance of a vehicle.

A steady hand and attention to detail will help you to achieve success with the simple process of applying car decals. The surface to which you want to apply the decal must be very clean and completely free of grease. This is where attention to detail first comes into play, because this step is very important. You should wait at least two weeks after painting to apply car decals, otherwise the decals may not stay in place.

Experts, like those at Classic Car Decals – an online resource for amazing decal sets for those restoring classic or vintage cars – recommend using a drop or so of dishwashing detergent to moisten the surface that you plan to apply the decal to before applying. What this does is allow you to move the decal if you do not get it quite in the correct position on your first try. Smooth it from the center out, making sure that all the liquid comes out, with a firm straightedge.

Then, let it settle and dry for at least a full day and night. If you see any bubbles, you can prick them carefully with a needle to release the air. However, you may want to give the car a few days in the sun before attempting this measure, as there is a good chance that the heat will shrink them out naturally.

Whether you seek quirky style or carefully reproduced and finely detailed decals to complete a restored car, a little research and shopping will help you to find the car decals best suited to your individual desires. A simple Internet search will put a world of car decals at your fingertips.

Car decals can add that touch of creativity or self-expression that makes your car your own. They can add that bit of amazing original detail that catches the eye of those who truly love classic and vintage cars. With their usually reasonable prices, they offer a high satisfaction return on a comparatively small monetary investment.



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