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One of the most important purchases a parent will make for use in their automobile is the car seat they use to transport their child. There are different types and styles of car seats to choose from. However, because all child car seats on the market must meet minimum safety standards, many differences are cosmetic in nature, with only a few design differences affecting safety ratings. While legislation assures minimum standards of safety, it does little to prevent the primary reason children suffer serious injury while using car seats – parents not using them properly.

While more and more automobiles come with car seats as a part of the vehicle, the most common car seats are purchased separately and installed by parents. There are three types in use today. For newborns and small infants, the rear facing type is necessary. As the child grows heavier, the parent can switch to the more upright, forward facing car seat. After the child outgrows the car seat, a booster seat is recommended, and is now a legal requirement in many places. This is used until the child reaches a height at which the seatbelt will sit properly across the body and lap and not cause needless internal injuries in the case of an accident.

As emergency medical technicians and police officers have reported for year, the most common cause of serious injury of children in car seats results not from the car seat failing to do what it is supposed to do, but rather from parents failing to install the seat properly in the car or failing to properly secure the child in the car seat. Carefully reading the instruction for these processes is essential to getting the most protection possible from a child car seat.

Child car seats are wonderful, lifesaving product. The car seats on the market must meet specific safety standards, and while differences in design can make a small difference in safety rating, it is much more important to install and use a car seat correctly each and every time the child is in the car.



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