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Car shows have attracted car enthusiasts for as long as cars have been manufactured. There’s a wide variety of car shows, ranging from the small local shows put on by local car clubs and associations to the huge, corporate sponsored events that attract national and even international participants.

The types of cars exhibited at a car show will depend on the theme or focus of that particular show. Occasionally, the big car manufacturers will sponsor a car show to demonstrate their new models. Often these car shows will feature concept cars among the exhibits. In addition to showing the public what could potentially be produced by the company in the future, in hope of sparking the interest and anticipation that could influence future automotive purchases, showing concept cars is a good way to gauge public and professional interest in new automotive models and features.

Other types of car shows cater to niche interests, such as vintage or antique cars, classic cars, muscle cars, and other automotive genres. The small to mid-size shows are often as much social events as they are exhibits and are excellent places for networking. The hobbyist can often find out a great deal of information by talking with the various owners, such as sources for hard to find parts and services. If you’re looking to purchase an out of the ordinary car, there’s a good chance you’ll meet someone who can help you make the right connection at a car show devoted to the type of car you’re interested in.

Car shows are not only for car buffs. They make a great family outing, both interesting and inexpensive, and can be an excellent learning experience for children, particularly those that feature cars from a variety of automotive eras. A quick Internet search, scan of the local classified, or phone call to local auto clubs can help you to find car shows in your area.



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