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Car Spoilers

Like many automobile performance customizations and additions, car spoilers traveled from the racetrack to the street. In general, the purpose of a spoiler is to increase the traction of the vehicle, allowing for more control when driving fast, particularly when braking or making turns.

The spoilers for racecars and other high performance vehicles are specially designed for that purpose. Some are even adjustable to achieve the maximum effect in varying driving conditions or demands. However, the spoilers that come on typical passenger cars right from the factory are often more fashionable than functional.

Functional spoilers, as opposed to those that merely look sporty, can be readily purchased for most vehicles and are a popular addition to customized cars. There are several types and sizes to choose from. Some of the most common include the wing spoiler, which allows air to pass above it and below it. A lid spoiler is sort of like a ridge, and is usually found on the trunk. The air passes over it, but not under, as there is not the open space for the air to pass through that the wing spoiler has. A roof spoiler is similar in nature to a lid spoiler, and is located on the roof most often above the back window.

Whether you choose to add a spoiler to serve as a true performance enhancer or for use as a fashion accessory, you should make your purchase from a reputable dealer. To avoid damage to the surface of your car, be sure to use an experienced and competent person to install it. If you plan to make it a do-it-yourself project, follow all instructions carefully and take your time.

Spoilers have been in use for quite a while, especially on the racetrack and on exotic and high performance road cars. Adding a custom spoiler to your car can add a chic, sporty look and improve road handling.



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