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Custom cars have been around just about as long as the automotive industry has, as there’s always been a few for which the ordinary just won’t do. For these car owners and creators, it’s got to be faster, stronger, extraordinary. It’s got to be unique.

And, that is the essence of the custom car – taking an automobile and transforming it into something more than it was, putting the stamp of individuality upon it. There are many genres of customized cars, including lowriders, street legal ‘hot rods’, personalized classic restorations, and modern stock autos made ultra-high performance. Many custom cars blur the lines between genres, combining a variety of qualities.

While people have been tinkering with their cars for just as long as they’ve been rolling out of the factories, automotive historians often cite the time between 1945 and 1955 as being the era when the custom car really came into its own. Even the big car manufacturers were paying attention to the to the creations that came from this era, incorporating choice new design styles into their factory models.

Classic and vintage cars remain among the favorite vehicles to customize, and most car shows will feature a few of these beauties. While many, and sometimes even most, features of the original are restored, it isn’t a restoration in the true sense of the word. That’s because custom cars go beyond the original, often combining parts from other makes and models, as well as adding high performance engines, making significant changes to the body and suspension, and finishing with a paint job that is custom, creative, and often outright artistic.

There are a variety of trends in customizing modern cars. Some focus on ultra-high performance engine parts and the body changes necessary to accommodate those changes. For a while, adding huge, outsized wheels to these cars was quite popular, making the car stand almost as high as a pick-up truck. Many choose to place their customizing focus on music, altering the inner and trunk space to support the components necessary for extraordinary sound.

Custom car builders are a special group of people. Creative and innovative, the cars that emerge from their skilled efforts demonstrate their talent, vision and individuality.



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