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Mass produced, affordable, and practical electric cars have been on the wish list of many, especially those worried about the environment and those who are concerned about dependence on foreign oil supplies. While there have been many attempts and much research on the development of such a vehicle, there has not been a great deal of success in creating a model that has achieved mainstream status and popular usage.

An electric car is powered by rechargeable batteries, which provide the energy for the electric motor. These cars tend to have lower rates of speed than do traditional cars, and are limited in the distance they can travel by the need to stop and recharge the batteries, which can take hours. These are the factors that have kept them out of mainstream use.

However, as is often pointed out by electric car advocates, a range of 40 or 50 miles is sufficient for the needs of many drivers. In fact, there is a growing body of conscientious consumers that are using electric cars for their daily driving, and ways of improving the technology used in today’s electric car are being continuously researched by the manufacturers that are currently producing electric cars for this market group. Among these manufacturers is Feel Good Cars, Inc., which operates out of Toronto, Canada.

It is possible to convert a gas powered car to electric, and that is becoming a popular option among those who are ready to leave gas powered engines behind. Electric cars are much more economical than gas powered cars, even when factoring in the cost of replacing the batteries, which at first glance, can seem rather pricey. However, when the per mile usage cost is figured, and then compared to what the per mile cost of a gas powered vehicle is, the savings are astounding. And, of course, an electric car has less of an environmental impact than do traditional gas powered vehicles.

Electric cars are a viable transportation option, and every year brings new and improved models to the marketplace. Those who do mostly city or local driving may want to consider making the change to electric. It’s an environmentally sound and economical choice.



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