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Ferrari cars rank among the most coveted of the exotic cars, known for their high performance and elegant, sleek lines. Founder Enzo Ferrari started out in the early 20th century as a racecar driver and went on to be a manufacturer of some of the finest and most memorable cars in automotive history.

Throughout automotive racing history, the Ferrari name has a near constant presence. Renowned the world over for success on the race track, it is no surprise that when Ferrari cars moved from the track to the street in the years after World War II, they quickly became part of the elite of the world’s exotic sports cars.

The 250 and its associated models were the first Ferrari road cars to be mass marketed for the general consumer, making their first appearance in 1952. One version of the 250 was the first of the Ferraris to have four seats, a concession to practicality and market demand.

While there are a few Ferraris, such as the 2003 612 Scaglietti, that that have a more chic, even elegant, Euro-type look to them, the vast majority of Ferrari road cars have a body design that reflects founder Enzo Ferrari’s true passion – high performance, racetrack worthy automobiles.

The recently released Enzo Ferrari is no exception. Ultra-powerful, it is said to be basically a street legal Formula One car. Its low, sleek design clearly calls to mind the vision of a racecar. Much more sporty than elegant, there is no mistaking that this car is meant to move fast.

Often imitated, but rarely surpassed, Ferrari cars have garnered a secure position in automotive history. Ferrari creations proved themselves for decades on racetracks throughout the world before becoming available for pleasure driving and becoming an international favorite among those who appreciate the special blend of history and high performance that Ferrari brings to the automotive market.



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