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For some car enthusiasts, the perfect vehicle to ultimate automotive satisfaction is the kit car. A kit car is exactly what it sounds like – a car assembled from a kit, a collection of parts that, when put together, will be a complete, drivable car. Some of these are original designs and some are replicas of favorite cars from the past or present. It’s an affordable way to own an extraordinary vehicle.

Dune buggies were one of the first kit car styles to achieve mainstream popularity. Often assembled from various Volkswagon parts, these open-frame, lightweight vehicles first became popular in the United States on the beaches of the West coast.

Kit cars have rapidly become a worldwide phenomenon, with clubs and manufacturers springing up all over, in places as far flung as New Zealand, home of Alternative Cars, Ltd. In part, the Internet has contributed to this growth, as with an online presence, manufacturers attract customers from every corner of the globe.

E-zines, magazines, online forums and classifieds help to keep collectors from all over in touch with each other, arrange events, and contribute to the exchange of ideas and the spread of trends in kit car creation. Numerous mainstream car shows include kit cars in their exhibits, and there are many car shows that specialize in kit cars, including Britain’s Great Northern Kit Car Show and Pennsylvania’s annual Carlisle Import Kit/Replica Nationals.

Kit cars often bring together parts from a variety of cars, creating fascinating blends that feature the best traits of the contributing vehicles, making them a common sight at auto races. Many kit cars, made specifically for racing, enjoy fabulous success on racetracks.

Exotic replica, original design or reproduced vintage, kit cars offer something special to those who invest their time and efforts in their creation. Whether assembled for use on the street or the racetrack, all kit cars come with a little something extra – the satisfaction of creating an exceptional automobile with your own hands.



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