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The Mitsubishi name has a long history in the automotive industry, dating back to 1917 and the release of the Mitsubishi Model A. By the 1970’s, Mitsubishi cars were found throughout the world, from South Africa to Europe to the United States of America. After decades of producing award winning models, the Mitsubishi name has become internationally associated with quality and performance.

Mitsubishi has a tradition of being on the forefront of automotive innovations and technological advancements. In their early days, they created Japan’s first diesel engines. They made major contributions to the world’s compact and fuel-efficient cars. Their high performance vehicles have had phenomenal success on the world’s racecourses. Since the mid-1990’s, they’ve been manufacturing electric cars and marketing them with success.

At the Nagoya Plant-Okazaki, in 1989, The Mitsubishi Auto Gallery opened. It displays a variety of Mitsubishi cars, showcasing some of the most innovative and popular of Mitsubishi’s automotive achievements.

One popular Mitsubishi model is the Lancer, which is a four-door sedan with a sleek, sporty look. Starting at under $15,000, this car provides worthy performance at an affordable price. The Montero, which starts at around $36,000, is a sports utility type vehicle and has room for seven passengers. The Spyder is a beautiful convertible that starts at around $26,000 and offers luxury styling and dependable performance.

Most of the Mitsubishi cars made for commercial markets are noteworthy for both their affordability and quality, making them among the world’s favorite cars today. The success of the company has led to partnerships with some of the automotive industries biggest and most respected names.

Mitsubishi cars can be a worthy investment, especially for those seeking to for dependability and clean styling at an affordable price. The Mitsubishi automotive manufacturers have enjoyed an excellent reputation internationally for decades, and they got that reputation the old-fashioned way – the earned it.



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