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Muscles cars have occupied a special part of both automotive history and American imagination for many years. Coming into vogue during the 1960’s and running strong into 1970’s, slowed for a time by the oil crunch before their reemergence in the 1980’s, muscle cars continue to be beloved by car aficionados for their automotive power and beauty.

Built for speed, classic muscle cars often featured large, high performance engines, such as the 426 Hemi and the 440 Magnum. The idea was to have the most powerful engine possible packed under the hood, as was the case with the Boss 429 Mustang. The bodies of these cars were streamlined for less wind resistance, with slight alterations in venting design to increase airflow to cool the engine, and the suspension modified to support the high performance of the engine.

The second wave of muscle cars, those that began to appear after the long gasoline lines of the 1970’s had faded in memory and the higher gas prices had been around so long that they seemed normal, made use of the automotive innovations that had occurred during the era – more efficient engines, better tires and the like. Low slung and sleek, cars like the Trans Am and the Camaro attracted a whole new generation of muscle car enthusiasts.

Valued both for their fine performance and pure nostalgia, muscle cars are a common sight at most car shows. Part of this relates to the fact that, for a mechanically inclined do-it-yourself kind of person, the building of a muscle car can be an affordable hobby.

For collectors and admirers, the appeal of muscle cars is often twofold. Naturally, there is a certain sense of exhilaration associated with mechanical superiority and speed. However, for many, muscle cars touch something deeper as well – a time of youth, a time when things were simpler, more carefree. It is this combination that ensures that muscle cars will continue to run strong not only on our highways and byways, but also through our popular culture and automotive history.



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