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Sports cars rank among the favorite automobiles of those who drive for pleasure. Designed for superior handling and high performance, these cars are typically small, light and fast, meant to cling to curves under the driver’s sure-handed control.

As evidenced by the formation of the Vintage Sports Car Club in 1934, it has been a long time since the sports car first captured the hearts of driving enthusiasts. The sports cars that we would recognize today as such began to move through popular culture in the years after World War II. While there have been, through the years, many variations upon the design of sports cars, there are some elements that have tended to withstand the tests of time.

The classic sports car seats two, keeping it light and fast. There are some cars that straddle the distance between the original sports car concept and sporty automobiles that can seat more than two passengers. There is debate on the subject, with some considering these to be in the category of sports cars, despite their concessions to practicality, and others holding to the two-seater definition.

Weight distribution and suspension are important design factors that contribute to the superior road handling capacity typical of sports cars. In addition to being designed to be light in weight, sports cars maintain a low center of gravity. These low-slung cars frequently use a slightly different drive train and engine balance than do other types of cars.

One arrangement that has been common in the design of sports cars, for example, is to shift the engine placement from the front to the rear, more towards the center of the vehicle, with the power going to the rear wheels. Another common design was the typical front placement of the engine, also powering the rear wheels. In recent years, four-wheel drive has become common in sports cars, as well as other vehicles.

A well made sports car is simply a joy to drive. Whether a lovingly restored classic or a shining example of the best of today’s automotive technologies, sports cars are beloved by those who enjoy the experience of driving a car with superior speed and handling.

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