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Vintage cars are often among the most eye-catching of car show exhibits. Lovingly preserved and restored, vintage cars allow us to see automotive history in all its glory. In addition to being restored to as original condition as possible, vintage cars are also the favored starting point for many styles of auto customization.

There are differing opinions on how a vintage car is defined. Some define it as a car produced from 1919 through 1930, while others consider the year 1925 to be the end of the vintage period of automotive history. Still others prefer to extend the period to the earliest years of the 1940s.

The time period in which the vintage cars were produced saw many advances in automotive technologies. V8 engines began to enter mainstream markets, with even more powerful engines becoming available in the ultra-expensive road models and for cars meant for the racetrack.

The Ford Model A came out during this era, and is a great favorite among vintage car restoration enthusiasts and among those who create customized cars. Cadillac created beautiful, luxurious cars during this time period. In 1930, Cadillac created a luxury car that stands out for its elegance and power, due to its artistic fine lines, available in customized styles, and its powerful V16 engine.

During this era, the Buggati Type 35 enjoyed remarkable success on the racetrack. It was the quintessential racecar of the era, noted not only for its speed, but also for its innovative and beautiful design.

Vintage car restoration is a true art form. In the past, getting original parts could be very difficult, involving intensive searching and long waits. With the advent of the Internet, however, that has changed. There are numerous resources online for hard to find parts and countless online magazines, newsletters, forums and clubs.

Vintage cars have beauty, elegance and style that is just not seen in the cars of today. Modern cars seem a touch dull, rather utilitarian, in comparison. Those who take so much care in the restoration of vintage cars do us a great service in preserving some of the very best years in automotive history.



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