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In 1927, the first of many Volvo cars to come rolled into automotive history. Since then, Volvo cars have developed an international reputation, especially concerning safety, which has made the name Volvo particularly popular among parents. In addition to a reputation for safety, Volvo has for years been associated with fine craftsmanship and dependability.

Parents the world over love Volvo cars. Volvo has been among the world leaders in developing and implementing automotive safety innovations. In the mid-1980s, Volvo began including safety equipment specifically for children in their cars. In 1990 the made improvements in their seatbelt system and added a child booster seat. A few years later, they made integrated child seats available and further improvements in the rear seat seatbelts.

They’ve won numerous awards for the safety features of their vehicles, including the Prince Michael Road Safety Award for the best technical innovation in the field of safety and the Autocar & Motor award for the best safety feature. Volvo cars consistently garner the highest rankings among the world’s safest cars. In 1991, they were determined to be the safest commercially marketed automobile and continue to make car models that receive the highest possible safety rankings.

In addition to the extensive research that Volvo does concerning issues of crash safety and child safety, Volvo is continuously seeking ways to lessen the environmental impact of their vehicles, including the use of recyclable and recycled materials in the manufacture of their vehicles, and investigating alternative energy solutions. Last year Volvo presented an electric concept car with a 180-mile range, almost three times that of the typical electric car on the market today.

For decades, the manufacturers of Volvo cars have sought to excel in the most essential aspects of car design, safety and dependability. They have earned a well-deserved international reputation for the innovative and award winning improvements that have resulted in several models being listed among the safest cars in the world. Based on past performance, it can be expected that Volvo will continue to roll out fine products for years to come.



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